An Overview And Precaution About Smog In Karol Bagh Escorts Delhi

Self Anjila Kaur the hottest stunning sexy and wanted Karol Bagh Delhi Escorts not just only in the Karol Bagh Escorts Delhi but even all over India. Basically, I live in Karol Bagh Delhi but I and my other Karol Bagh Delhi Call Girls provide the best Karol Bagh Delhi Escorts Services in the whole of the world at the best price to different clients. Today I am here for telling or explain the current condition of Karol Bagh Delhi. I know that all of you very well that for the time being the capital of India is suffering from a bad or unhealthy condition which is smog.

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Basically, smog is a type of air pollutant and it is a combination of smoke and fog. You know the classic smog result is from a huge amount of coal burning in an area and is caused by the mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide. Today it is a big problem in Beijing but in the last few days, Karol Bagh Escort model Delhi is also suffering from it. Escort Karol Bagh Delhi is the most populated city in the whole of the earth. Smog caused lung diseases and increases the death rate. There are lots of people who suffer from air pollution and around 10500 people get death just because of air pollution. The sources of air pollution are stubble burning, lit garbage, road dust, power plants, factories, and vehicles.

The air pollution in Karol Bagh Delhi at this time is at its peak on both levels that is PM 2.5 and PM 10 it is the worst quality in Karol Bagh Delhi since 1999. Air quality is measured among the two particulate that is PM 2.5 and PM 10. With the help of current updates, I got that on 7 Nov PM 2.5 level shoot up to 999 at the same time PM 10 was shot up to 999 levels. And on 8 Nov PM, 2.5 shoots up to 449, and PM, 10 shoots up to 663. It was not good for Karol Bagh Delhi.

Air pollution or smog creates some health issues and problems like breathlessness, chest construction, Irritation of the eyes, asthma, and allergy. I was out of the Karol Bagh call girls Delhi at that time for providing the Independent Karol Bagh Delhi Escorts but I always update to the world that’s why I got that news about Karol Bagh Delhi. I am very conscious of my profession and health. Because health is a priority for anything. If you are fit and healthy so you can do anything in a very well manner and you can get more output compared to less input.

So here I would like to give all of you some precautions about the smog because still Karol Bagh Escort in Delhi is suffering from smog but this is the good thing that the smog level is less compared to the last few days. So you can follow some tips for that like

Try staying indoors as much as it can be possible, Drink lots of water, and liquid, Follow a healthy diet, Keep indoor plants, use a pollution mask at the time of going outside, use closed vehicles or public transport, avoid going to construction sites, buy an air purifier, try using an electric cooker instead of gas, avoid bursting crackers, etc. I wish my lovely audience will take care of their health and like my blog. I will again meet with a new topic very soon.